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Ten-in-One Multi-Treatment Face Cream

Product History 

Having worked on the public's skin for over 15 years, I formulated ONE to be an all purpose item that can be worn on both women and men. Skin is skin, and aging, sun damage and environmental stress don't differentiate between the sexes or ethnicity. This product can repair existing damage and it can help to prevent further damage from occurring. What's fascinating is its application: it can be worn under or over sunscreen, moisturizer or makeup, and acts as both a mattifier and a primer for any other product you wish to use with it.

- Gail Johnson, Founder

Suggested Use of ONE

ONE over a greasy undereye cream (or facial moisturizer, sunscreen) to instantly reduce shine, seal in the benefits of both products, create a line-free surface for makeup application.

ONE over a greasy concealor instead of powder. ONE blots concealor shine without creating powdery, drying wrinkles as it also smoothes the skin's surface of existing fine lines.

ONE as a perfect makeup primer for all powders, foundations, blushes and concealors.

ONE as a powder alternative, pressed gently over existing makeup to blot skin and makeup shine. ONEnever creates cakey powder buildup.

ONE as a soothing, vitamin and botanical packed after shave balm to calm and nurture skin.

ONE on nude skin (women or men) to instantly smooth skin, reduce shine, shrink pores and tighten and lift skin for a firmer, more youthful look instantly.

ONE as a multi-functional, multi-treatment nighttime rejuvenation and skin repair for everyone. With ONE, you can personalize your skin care for your particular needs. Wear ONE alone or OVER your favorite cream, serum or spray to seal in the benefits of both products. Wear ONE at night over the entire face, throat and back of neck before bed and wake up with an instant facelift.

ONE is favored by medspas to be used with their various treatments and products


* ONE is not intended for use on upper eyelid. As with any skincare product, avoid direct contact with eyes.