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One Facial Cream


Protective Day Cream + Restorative Night Cream + Primer + Foundation

ONE Facial Cream is a multi-use, multi-tasking all-in-one skincare phenomenon. ONE Facial Cream will instantly smooth fine surface lines, shrink pores, and give skin a satin finish. An exceptional primer, binding any foundation, powder or cosmetic to the skin surface, ONE Facial Cream can also be pressed over existing makeup as a non-cakey powder/blot alternative, keeping skin shine-free and makeup fresh without powder buildup.

ONE Facial Cream at night is a tailor-made renewal treatment, either worn alone or over another cream, serum or spray to seal in the benefits of both products. ONE Facial Cream will help to firm, tone, lift and tighten the collagen/elastin fibers of your skin.

ONE Facial Cream helps prevent the aging process if you simply use a sunscreen of your choice first and then seal it with ONE Facial CreamONE Facial Cream keeps the skin matrix intact, while helping to build the collagen/elastin matrix of the skin and neck surface. 

ONE Facial Cream is literally food for the face - made up of amino acids, vitamins, cosmeceuticals, and botanicals. All human skin is biochemically the same and ONE Facial Cream feeds the skin topically the nutrients it needs to stay youthful and healthy.

Even the air-tight pump jar that ONE Facial Cream is administered from has been custom-designed to be contaminant-free. Airtight, our custom pump jar prevents the oxidation which breaks down product performance. No need to stick your finger into the jar contaminating the product. All you need to do to ensure full bacteria non-contamination is to wipe down the jar pump opening after usage with a small amount of alcohol to sterilize the opening.  

ONE Facial Cream is free of harsh chemicals, paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free.   We use top of the line ingredients at a top percentage ratio (please see INCI panel on our product package.)